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Hot wine trends to watch for in 2012!

The lovely Villa d’Este on Lake Como, the stunning venue for the World Wine Symposium.

Montesquieu Winery CEO Fonda Hopkins, Montesquieu wine brokers, managers and winemaker Thierry Haberer celebrate the release of the anxiously awaited Juntarse.  

The Juntarse is our first release of an elite new series of wines by Montesquieu Winery and Michel Rolland.  Thierry Haberer is Michel’s right hand man, overseeing wine production of the renowned Rolland Collection which includes Mariflor wines that Montesquieu exclusively carries in the US.

We would like to be sure to say thank you to all the wonderful people that make up our Montesquieu Winery community.  It has been an amazing year and we wouldn’t be where we are without you!

You will find some great tips for Thanksgiving here!  Recipes, pairing advice as well as some of our favorite Montesquieu Wines for Thanksgiving.  

Enjoy, cheers and Happy Thanksgiving from Montesquieu Winery!

This is the first ever professional wine review we have ever seen by speedboat!

Awesome review of Stephane’s 2007 Derenoncourt California Cabernet Franc at the 2011 World Wine Symposium. Enjoy this great video!

Phil Coturri and Stephane Derenoncourt

Phil Coturri and Stephane Derenoncourt, kindred spirits!

Beautiful wines, beautiful presentation!