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Stephane in California

Stéphane in his element, find out more about his amazing talents here.  With insightful video!


Decanting by Montesquieu Winery

Part 1 of Decanting Basics covered why and when to decant. Now learn how to decant with easy instructions.  

Decanting is one of the easiest and most helpful tools of getting the most out of your wine experience.  Enjoy!

Montesquieu Winery CEO and Federico Benegas-Lynch

Come take a peek into Mendoza, Argentina and meet the wonderful winemaker Federico Benegas-Lynch and his delectable Don Zofanor wines.

Every wine has a story, and Federico’s family history is full of them. Read, enjoy and watch the video, too!

Chinese Terra Cotta Soldier

A whopping $82 million spent by wholesalers 2006-2010 on contributions to federal and state political campaigns as well as federal lobbying efforts.  This figure dwarfs what the rest of the industry combined spends!

Happy Fourth of July from Montesquieu Winery

Montesquieu Winery Travels: The Vines, View and Terroir of Pavie Macquin in St. Emilion

Montesquieu Winery Searches for the Hanging Tree in the Pavie Macquin Vineyard, St. Emilion

The One and Only Pavie Macquin